Tim Volkema, CEO

Schuil Coffee Co.

When I purchased Schuil Coffee, my main goal was to strategically scale the business – and that’s what TRALE has helped us accomplish.

We’ve worked together for a number of years now, and they’ve helped us build a strong foundation for our business.

Prior to working together, Schuil had a very small e-commerce business (really a side project). In a short amount of time, we’ve acquired over 21,000 new customers, we’ve made over $750,000 in new customer revenue, and overall, grown the channel by nearly 10x.

We used to spend zero dollars on customer acquisition. Now with a clear strategy, we spend as long as the return is there.

TRALE’s understanding of social media marketing is outstanding, taking into account both the technical side of managing budgets as well as the insight-driven consumer marketing side.

I highly recommend TRALE for any of your company’s growth needs.

Rick Tice, CIO

ICS Data

The biggest benefit of working with TRALE is that they have a tailored approach to marketing, based on our industry and they care about our growth goals.

Prior to TRALE, we were spending a large monthly sum of money without guidance and a plan as to where/what messaging we were trying to get across to our customers. Now, we have a roadmap and regular deliverables that are driving our marketing decisions.

We greatly appreciate the time TRALE takes to understand our business needs. I.T. can be a confusing topic, but they’re good at helping our customers understand why it’s important to their business.