Schuil Coffee Case Study

Scaling Schuil Coffee’s E-Commerce Channel:
21,000+ new customers & $750,000+ in new revenue


Schuil Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that provides the highest quality coffee at a great value.


While they were doing well in wholesale (Meijer, D&W, etc.) Schuil Coffee struggled to acquire customers online because they never had a fully-developed growth plan in place.

Then, in June of 2019, Schuil Coffee started working with TRALE, where we quickly established 2 goals: 1) Get acquisition profitable, and 2) increase ad spend & scale the business.


To accomplish our goals, we started with three main strategies: retargeting, an incredible entry-point offer focusing on an easy barrier to entry for new customers & content marketing. This helped us identify a number of opportunities for increasing overall profitability.

First, we started out with the low-hanging fruit: cross-selling current customers through retargeting and transactional emails. In sequence, we knew that compelling video ad creative would assist with educating the Schuil brand, so we made extremely relevant videos. We increased the number of Facebook ad sets – mainly for horizontal scale, meaning we were reaching multiple segments of customers (i.e. individuals who had added coffee to their cart, viewed a specific coffee product, or watched 100% of cold traffic coffee videos on the platform, etc.)

Second, we mapped out several new customer avatars based on current customer data to help us reach coffee drinkers and other untapped audiences. Then, we created an irresistable offer (an offer so good, people felt stupid say no) based on these avatars. These steps assured we were getting the right offers in front of the right customers.

Lastly, we built an incredible on-page SEO content strategy by creating a blog listicle (5 Coffee Tips for Everyday Drinkers). In it, we specified why Schuil was different – ultimately educating thousands of new leads and turning them into new and repeat customers.


By January 2023, collectively, we had helped Schuil Coffee acquire over 21,000 new customers, and made over $750,000 in new customer revenue/$3.5 million in total revenue all while maintaining a 41% repeat purchase rate.

While normally you have to choose between increasing spend or return on ad spend, we were able to do the (almost) impossible:

We scaled the budget while boosting profitability.