Liquidation Land Case Study

Preparing Liquidation Land’s Retail for Launch:
creating a lead acquisiton machine, monthly profitability, and 500% increase in sales in four short months!


Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Liquidation Land is a brand-new, premier liquidation company renowned for its diverse range of discounted merchandise. Their offerings, priced 30% to 50% below retail value, emphasize quality and affordability, establishing them as a go-to destination for exceptional deals across multiple product categories.


Liquidation Land faced a critical hurdle in marketing their business effectively. Despite initial attempts with a self-made website, they struggled to gain traction. Realizing the transformative potential of effective marketing, the founder sought guidance from a family member, who recommended TRALE.

Then, in January 2024, we quickly established 2 goals: 1) Create an effective website further enhancing SEO/Local SEO, and 2) Build customer acquisition and retention strategies


To achieve our objectives, we focused on three key strategies: enhancing web presence, optimizing SEO/Local SEO, and implementing customer acquisition and retention strategies for quality lead generation.

Initially, we prioritized improving Liquidation Land’s digital communication by developing a new website. This served dual purposes: enhancing the brand’s aesthetics and facilitating effective SEO. We revamped website content for better engagement, supplemented by off-page SEO tactics such as acquiring valuable backlinks and forming partnerships to enhance credibility. Additionally, we ensured technical excellence, optimizing aspects like site speed and mobile responsiveness. These combined efforts laid a robust foundation for Liquidation Land’s online growth, positioning them for sustained success in digital-to-retail conversion.

Finally, leveraging our exclusive customer acquisition and retention strategies, we begain bolstering awareness by driving relevant traffic to their website, getting customers to engage and subscribe – ultimately driving conversions (purchases). Then, through a number of tactics, we encourage repeat purchases, foster enthusiasm, and cultivate brand advocacy. This comprehensive approach has transformed Liquidation Land into a dynamic customer acquisition machine.


In four shorts months, collectively, we’ve helped Liquidation Land acquire multiple daily leadsbecome/remain profitable, and helped grow their sales by 500%

The best news? We’re just getting started!